Right to Sleep

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You can read Justice Carol Ross’s historic ruling here.

You can watch a video discussion of the ruling, with a lawyer, an historian, and a native activist, here.

You can listen to the lawyers, Irene Faulkner and Cathie Boies-Parker, explain the court case here.


In October, 2008, Madam Justice Carol Ross ruled, from the BC Supreme Court, that a city bylaw preventing homeless people from erecting shelter to protect themselves from the cold Canadian winters, when the shelter spaces are full, is in violation of Canada’s Charter of Freedoms which guarantees the right to Life, Liberty, and Security of Person.

David Johnston, one of the homeless champions who inspired the 2008 court trial, has spent much time fasting in jail over this and recently hitch-hiked across Canada speaking about it.  You can read an account of one recent trial here.

Photo: David Johnston and Lawyer Cathie Boies-Parker after the court decision, 2008.

You can read the People’s Assembly of Victoria Statement of Unity here.

You can read Dr. Joan Russow’s 95 Reasons to Occupy document here.