Victoria Street Newz

An independent media project, working to both alleviate and end poverty and homelessness, sold by low income individuals on the streets of Victoria BC Canada, unceded Coast Salish Indigenous territory.

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As of June 2014, Street Newz has retired to the history shelves.  Before we left, we invited the Megaphone Magazine to expand from Vancouver into the space we created. 

Please read their launch issue, with a summary of 10 years of Street Newz.

THANK YOU to everyone who supported us on this incredible adventure.

Street Newz offered a reliable alternative to corporate or government controlled media. 

It provided a dignified way for low and/or no income people to earn a few extra bucks and participate in the local economy.

We published research and opinions and photos and art from you, the people.

We printed on 100% post consumer recycled newsprint (we appreciate forests).